Cargo Lift Trouble Shooting Guide

Basket Gate Not Closed - Cable Un-Wound

cargo basket gate left OPEN

Make sure the Basket GATE is always firmly closed. An un-locked gate will catch on the deck and may stop the BASKET completely. The basket motor will continue to turn the cable cylinder and unravel the cable.

If there is an object UNDER the BASKET which inhibits the basket from stopping at the original bottom stopping point, the motor will continue to unroll the cable from the cylinder too.

FIX: The basket safety BRAKE will engage. Tension will have to be taken off the cables so the brake will release. The cables will have to be re-wound by manually pulling back on them when the cylinder engages. The stop switches may have to be reset.

Cargo Lift SCREECHES or CLATTERS while going down ONLY

cargo lift squeeks

The cargo lift motor has a ‘key way’ shaft. If the steel insert that goes into the shaft becomes loose it may need to be firmly attached with GLUE.

FIX: We now have magnetic inserts that do not require glue.

Cargo Lift SCREECHES while going up & down

cargo lift roller

Occasionally the rollers may need to be greased.


FIX: Remove bolt and grease shaft. Insert bolt back into place.

Cable Twists

The Stainless Steel Cables may occasionally twist and unwind. This usually has nothing to do with over-loading the basket / system.

FIX: Only replace the cables if stainless strands are BROKEN.

Cable Strands Broken

Cargo lift broken cables

Stainless Steel Cables have a 6,000lb load rating. We have cable installations that haven’t had an issue in 10 years.

FIX: Cables ARE NOT under any manufacturers warranty. Should be replaced by Homeowner or schedule a REPLACEMENT SERVICE CALL.