Cargo Lift Photo Gallery

Cargo Lift Photo Gallery with some terrific customer supplied photos.

Find Cargo Lifts installed on concrete pads, custom powder coated paint, 4 different bracing designs and thru decking ideas.

Cargo Lift Photo Gallery

Cargo lift hurricane
cargo lift on waterfront

                  Cargo Lift Installation Ideas: THRU Decks and Floors

Cargo Lift to loft
cargolift thru deck
cargo lift from sunporch
cargo lift thru carport
cargo lift into kitchen
cargo lift from garage
attic lift
Cargo lift in shaft

               Cargo Lift Bracing OptionsSecuring to a Decking or House. 4 Options

          Pole Installation Options: Best on concrete pad or in the dirt?

cargo lift painted white
Cargo Lift recessed concrete pad

Our cargo baskets have a 5″ floor frame. The cargo lifts are raised/lowered by HD stainless steel cables (over 6000lb cap.)  which will keep the basket a few inches off the ground.                              So a RECESSED PAD can be used to make a smooth entry and exit for dollys.

cargo lift laundry room
cargo lift recessed pad
Cargo Lifts can have a RECESSED Mounting Pad. This makes easy ‘same level’ entry for a dolly or wheeled cart.

Cargo Lift Popular Customer Photos

cargo lift 2 gates
Cargo LIft 3 story
Cargo LIft and concrete drive

Cargo Basket installed to be same height as drive way in DOWN POSITION

cargo basket single gate

Cargo Lift concrete pad can be larger than basket area too.

cargo lift at the beach
Cargo lift to mezzanine
Cargo Lift Key Largo
Cargo Lift garage
Cargo lift vented safety panels

Our aluminum full PANEL safety screen keeps things inside.

cargo lift observation deck
cargo lift on driveway

Two Gates on the basket!  Enter from the driveway and exit onto your deck.

Cargo lift side brace

Cargo Lift Powder Coat Paint

The Powder Coating applies to the Basket and Mounting Brace. The Support Poles are NOT Painted. The Aluminum CANOPY Option is also painted. Allow 2 weeks additional time when placing your order.

cargo lift painted black
cargo lift painted white
Cargo Lift powder coat
Cargo Lift painted, double gate entry
Cargo lift mountain home